Come Join Your Neighbors

IOP Residents are invited to have yard sales at their homes on March 26th and take advantage of the promotion of the event which will be advertised on Facebook, Next Door and on Craig’s List. A map of participants will also be publicized. Neighborhood yard sales attract a lot of interest and generate high traffic of potential customers. Residents who would like to have their addresses included in the master list of sale locations should register using the IOPCA web site no later than March 23th.

The registration form will ask for your address and items for sale. Make sure you list a couple of specific items in order to attract buyers to your house. IOPCA will publish a list of participating addresses on our website, Facebook, Next Door and on Craig’s list but no names will be listed with the addresses due to privacy concerns.

IOPCA will put up signage prior to the event, but residents are encouraged to add their own signs for more complete coverage and to ensure that no one’s sale is overlooked.

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