The Isle of Palms Community Association was established in 1994 to promote the Isle of Palms neighborhood in Jacksonville, Florida. It's purpose is described in the article of incorporation, which are available here, and it states the general nature and objective to be:

  • To establish a community association for the residents of Duval County, known as Isle of Palms, for the purpose of providing a representative, democratic organization for the accomplishment of worthwhile civic projects, area beautification and the promotion of mutually beneficial acts, events, policies, programs and procedures;
  • To protect and enhance the aesthetic and environmental values of the community, including the natural areas in and around the community and the wildlife incident thereto; and
  • To provide an organization for social and cultural exchange and expression leading toward the betterment of said residents

Isle of Palms Community Association

Pups & Pals Halloween Open House and Parade

Halloween Events

When: Saturday October 23, 2021. 1:00-3:00pm
Where: 14556 Luth Drive South

Come one, come all! We are celebrating the kids and the dogs of the neighborhood by hosting a Halloween Open House for everyone to come dressed up in costume (parents encouraged as well) and play games, paint pumpkins, visit a haunted house, and enjoy some treats!

There will be a “Pups & Pals” parade at 2:45pm. The parade route will start at 14556 Luth Drive and will go down B Ward Street back to Luth Drive North to Luth Drive East. People living on these streets are encouraged to line the parade route to enjoy the festivities.

There will be a friendly competition- with prizes awarded to the top 3 best-dressed canines!! Just tear off the bottom and submit your vote for best canine costume to the person at the end of the parade line.

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Isle of Palms Community Association

Beach Blvd and Eunice Road Intersection

Below are links to two documents concerning the Beach Blvd & Eunice Road intersection. Please click on the links to download the documents!

Restricted Crossing & Median U Turn Proven Countermeasures

SR 212 (Beach Blvd) at Eunice Rd - Concept Drawing