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The Isle of Palms Community Association was established in 1994 to promote the Isle of Palms neigborhood in Jacksonville, Florida. It's purpose is described in the article of incorporation, which are available here, and it states the general nature and objective to be:

  • To establish a community association for the residents of Duval County, known as Isle of Palms, for the purpose of providing a representative, democratic organization for the accomplishment of worthwhile civic projects, area beautification and the promotion of mutually beneficial acts, events, policies, programs and procedures;
  • To protect and enhance the aesthetic and environmental values of the community, including the natural areas in and around the community and the wildlife incident thereto; and
  • To provide an organization for social and cultural exchange and expression leading toward the betterment of said residents.

To help achieve these objectives, the Association is currently working on the following campaigns:

 Neighborhood Identity Signs  Isle of Palms Park Improvements  Yard of the Month Program

We are always looking for volunteers and support for these projects. Contact Us if you would like to become a volunteer!

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