The Isle of Palms Park is a five-acre family recreation park with tennis courts, playscapes, swings, grills, paved trails and a pavilion for picnicking. 

The Isle of Palms Community Association purchased the property in February 1967 from Canal Investment Corporation.

In 1992, requests were put forth for the Department of Parks, Recreation & Entertainment (DPRE) to lease the property from the Association for $1 per year. This lease called for DPRE to provide equipment and maintain the park.

In 1996 the Isle of Palms Community Association donated the park to the City of Jacksonville.

In 1998, improvements were made to the park. These improvements included the installation of two playscapes, swings, a bike rack, a ten-station fitness center, benches and a pavilion.

In 2000, a grass parking area, paved handicap parking, and a sidewalk was constructed and three new benches were added.

In 2001, a new tennis court project was completed in addition to the installation of a concrete walk track around the park.