The Isle of Palms Community Association will be sponsoring a perpetual, self-governed yard of the month. The purpose of the program is to recognize Isle of Palms neighbors who demonstrate above–average efforts in maintaining their property, thereby contributing to the overall appearance of the community at large.

All award winners receive an official Isle of Palms Yard of the Month lawn sign, to be placed on their property for the duration of their award month. Position of the sign should be midway between the street and the front of the house. If your sign becomes lost or damaged, please request a replacement by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Yard of the Month winners will also be recognized on the Isle of Palms website. The recipient each month will also receive a $25.00 Publix gift card.

The Isle of Palms Community Association congratulates all Yard of the Month award selections and encourages all neighbors to join the efforts of these homeowners in keeping their yards and homes beautiful. Thank you.

Award Rules:

All current Isle of Palms properties are automatically eligible by default.

The program lead will select one home from our community monthly and place the Yard of the Month sign in the yard at the beginning of each month with a special selection for Yard of the Month during major holidays i.e. Halloween and Christmas.

Key criteria include manicured yard, beautification, originality and creativity.

The upkeep of the yard can reflect the efforts of the residents themselves or that of a professional landscaper.

An award duration term last a single calendar month and runs from the first day of the month to the last day of that same month.

The same property cannot receive more than one award in the same rolling 12 month calendar period.

Recipients receiving awards in the middle of the month shall surrender their award at the end of that month.

Each resident may nominate any yard in the Isle of Palms including their own by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Recommended Judging Criteria

IOP Yard of the Month candidates are judged solely on the total exterior appearance of their property and front yard as viewed from the street.

Factors include overall appearance, tidiness and neatness of the front of the property as evidence by pruned, trimmed and shaped foliage, edged and defined lawns, borders & flower beds and a visually appealing façade.

Lawns should be healthy with no bare spots or excessive weeds. Grass shall be mowed and trimmed including around fences and foundation.

Flower beds should be weeded with efforts to include new flowers, shrubs, etc. 

Walkways and driveways shall be clean and tidy.

Evening appearance after dusk including lighting and safety lighting help make properties stand out.

Aesthetics of the of landscaping (formal versus informal, use of color and textures, garden art, fountains etc.).  Inviting look of front entry (hanging baskets, pots, cleanliness etc.) effect the overall look from the street. Please note that too many different plants, garden art etc…can be confusing to the eye.

Summary note:  While lack of strict adherence to the criteria above does not necessarily result in disqualification, these principles offer general guidelines that should be recognized by the IOP Yard of the Month program.

The Isle of Palms Community Association is dedicated to improving the quality of living and appearance of our community. We encourage residents to take pride in their homes and neighborhood. In turn, we look to celebrate those who do a superior job in maintaining their yards in such a way that they enhance the overall curb appeal of the entire community. Yards of the Month are awarded at the beginning of each calendar month. Yards are judged on neatness, landscaping and color. All yards are eligible. If you feel your yard is being overlooked, please send a voting e-mail with your name, address & phone number to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..